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About Us | Underground Bomb Shelter

About Us

Welcome to UndergroundBombShelter.com!  

UndergroundBombShelter.com was created because of the very real danger we face everyday.  Whether it’s from a natural disaster, terrorist attack foreign or domestic we want you to be prepared.  The bottom line is you need to be prepared and protected.  People need the knowledge, skills, and fortitude to survive whatever maybe thrown at them.  Whether or not you are just getting started or whether you are a true seasoned Survivalist you will find something of value here.

Meet the Chief


Chief Hughs

Chief Hughs

Want to know why you should trust what you read on this site? We know what we are talking about. We speak honestly and we get straight to the point.

As with any true operator, our authority on all things tactical, Chance Hughs, is humble, direct and practical. Don’t expect to be entertained by his bio – it’s not a war story – but you will walk away convinced that when he talks, you’d better listen.

Chance Hughs retired as a U.S. Navy SEAL holding the rank of U.S. Navy Chief. He joined the U.S. Navy in 1985 before serving as a SEAL on both the East and West Coast SEAL Teams. He served in many hostile and challenging environments, including the jungles and deserts of North/South East Asia, South America, Europe, and Iraq and Afghanistan. He is an expert in explosives, firearms, hand-to-hand combat, resilience and doing what it takes to stay alive.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy, Chance moved to Albuquerque NM, and applied his SEAL experience to Shock Physics and Explosives research at Sandia National Laboratories. As a Program Manager, lead investigator, and explosives subject matter expert, he worked on the cutting edge of explosives and technology, resulting in being named a co-inventor of three U.S. Patents. Two are currently being used in combat operations, including the Stingray, which is used to assist in disabling improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

In 2010, seeking to return to the adventure and challenges of an operational lifestyle, he commenced work in anti-piracy and Executive Protection.

His anti-piracy work saw him spend five years off the coasts of Somalia, Africa and the Indian Ocean on commercial and private vessels, ensuring their safe passage through some of the most hostile waters in the world.

He also has extensive experience in the protection of Heads of State/ Dignitaries and high-level executives in insecure or semi-hostile regions.

When Chance isn’t on working on overseas assignments, Chance and his wife own and operate a small CrossFit gym in Washington, where Chance readily shares his training and experience, and helps people attain their goals.

Chance and his wife live an active, outdoors lifestyle and enjoy exploring the Pacific Northwest.

Chance’s key message is that to survive, you cannot simply rely on having the right gear; you must be mentally prepared, stay calm, and make use of the resources you have at your disposal. Preparation is vital.

Chance will be assisting you in preparing yourself and your family to survive by applying his training and experience to posts and articles covering education and guidance, product testing and reviews, and practical advice throughout our website. You’d be well-advised to listen to what he has to say.

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