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UndergroundBombShelter.com is a web site for those who are looking for expert advice about surviving a nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) attack.

If you are able to afford up to $100,000 for one of the pre-fabricated underground bomb shelters available on the market, you’re in good standing. But, you are probably at the wrong web site. If you are looking for an alternative to the high-end underground bomb shelter – one which provides absolute, yet basic protection – then look no further.

UndergroundBombShelter.com is a place where you can obtain plans and information for constructing your own underground bomb shelter for less than $5,000. You can even order an underground bomb shelter kit and have all the materials you need delivered to your home. The bottom line is you need protection first, and comfort second. After you install one of our shelters, it will be easy for you to add convenience items such as shelving, storage, bunks, etc.

Whether accidental, terrorist related, or via missile attack, a weapon of mass destruction will one day be delivered in America. Some experts have even put an estimated timeline on it, saying an attack is likely by the year 2010. Others have said it will happen by the year 2015. Moreover, many political analysts, Homeland Security officials, and military officers agree that it is not a matter of if an attack will occur in America, but when.

This web site provides the latest information you need in order to prepare for a nuclear bomb attack. Primarily, the construction of an underground bomb shelter is the focus of this site. While plenty of basic NBC preparedness information is revealed here, we offer a number of e-books that you can purchase and download immediately.

Our e-books and much of the content on this site has been prepared by SFC William Carter, Ret., a former Army NBC non-commissioned officer. After a 22-year career as an NBC NCO, SFC Carter combined his extensive knowledge and career training with military technical manuals and regulations in creating the world’s best resources for NBC preparedness. He is a graduate of military schools dealing with nuclear preparedness, biological warfare, and chemical recognition and analysis.

Having joined the Army during the 1960s, SFC Carter has nuclear training experience extending deep into the Cold War era. His NBC e-books contain the latest in unclassified information concerning military preparedness during an actual nuclear, chemical, or biological attack. In short, you need all the information that’s crucial for your survival before, during and after an attack – not a lean-to in your cellar, some supplies, and a “good luck” from the Federal Emergency Management Association. Nothing is left unanswered when it comes to Sergeant Carter!

You may have arrived at this site after visiting one of our sister sites dealing with emergency preparedness. Or, more likely, you arrived here out of concern for your own safety pending an attack through terrorism or delivery from unstable, nuclear-wise countries such as Iran, North Korea, etc.

You will still want to know everything there is to know about surviving the bomb. One or more of our e-books would come in handy before such an attack, and especially as you sit for up to a month in your shelter!

If you are like most people, you can’t afford to purchase a pre-made underground bomb shelter. What you need is information on how to plan, build, stock, and maintain your own shelter. And you want to be able to do it on a logical budget. You want a shelter that is easy to build, completely effective against a nuclear attack, and economical to construct.

UndergroundBombShelter.com is for you! Don’t rely on what SFC Carter calls “barracks lawyer” web sites when it comes to your family’s survival. Listen to an expert. Listen to UndergroundBombShelter.com!

Browse our web site, and when you feel comfortable, purchase one or more of our products. Our emergency preparedness e-books will have you up and running in no time.

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