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Unlawful Detainment… You need this piece of equipment.

TIHK Today we are looking at your safety and ways to escape from unlawful detainment. Remember that when the SHTF moment comes, you could be at home, out shopping or at work. This is why we recommend that you risk assess whether you should always carry some key pieces of a kit on you to increase your responsiveness and likelihood ... Read More »

The Base Layer

Bug Out Clothing… There is a lot of information and time spent on B.O.B.’s and what goes in them.  We are going to focus on Bug Out Clothing for this post.  In most cases your B.O.B should be ready to grab and go.  Now depending on the situation at hand you should have your clothing ready to go as well.  ... Read More »

TC1200 Tactical Flashlight

  TC1200 Tactical Flashlight We recently brought in the TC1200 flashlight. If you are all over survival websites today you will see this light and various others that look just like it. Light is key and having numerous lights in key places is a smart idea. One in each vehicle, a few around your property and One in your own ... Read More »

Prepper Acronyms

Prepper Acronyms have been around a long time.  It doesn’t matter weather your are familiar with the terms or you are taking the proper steps to better understand the environment.  Knowing what they mean will only and make the educational process better.  BOB – Bug out Bag – This is a pack that is put together prior to an event ... Read More »