Products and Supplies: Blast & Ballistic V.I.P. Houses & Safe Rooms

Feel secure knowing that Hardened Structures products are protecting you and your valuables. Homes that are blast & ballistic resistant even against AK-47’s.

Blast & Ballistic Modular Buildings

The modular pre-cast concrete structure is a unique yet simple method of construction providing strength, speed and versatility for all types of buildings, from single story dwellings to multi story apartments, commercial or institutional buildings.

Modular Dwellings

Modular buildings can be constructed and purposed for use as resistant dwelling spaces. All of the units can be combined with equally resistant amenity pods and modular brick panels in order to make the space liveable.

Modular Brick Panels

Brick panels are made of brick slips cast in specially designed foam with a metal sheet at the back for added thickness. These panels provide a non-structural brick-faced cladding, incorporating current construction techniques with a traditional look.

Amenity Pods

Amenity pods are bathroom units prefabricated, tiled and completely furnished in the factory to the highest standard, craned to position on site, and ready for use upon arrival.

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