Products and Supplies: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Vault Doors

We specialize in building NBC Doors, Blast-Resistant Doors, Safe Room Doors, Shelter Doors, Blast Doors, Nuke Doors, Underground Doors and Survival Shelter Doors.

Our NBC Armory Vault Doors secure Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Safe Rooms around the world. Our 12″ thick NBC Armory Doors are manufactured with triple-tiered steel construction, steel matrix framework, twin spring-loaded relockers and twin airtight Jig-Saw Step system doors. The 12″ NBC Door possess four U-Shaped Blast-Resistant steel absorbers, S & G locks, 18 reinforced locking bolts and 1″ thick 60 Rockwell hard plate, allowing your room to be used as a walk-in vault.

We travel north America personally installing and constructing our NBC Rooms and Blast-Resistant Doors. Our Hi-Tech mobile trucks come to your residence or business for FULL SERVICE. Our NBC Shelters usually cost $150 – $200.00 a SQ FT. With air filtration systems, water purification pumps, tech values and a comfortable living space. We can build special “step system hatch doors” with secondary entrances and “hidden passages”. Our Safety Shelters are much like underground homes with kitchens, bathrooms, closets, bedrooms with your choice of carpet, tile, sheet rock walls, painted or textured.

We will come to your home or business to do a site evaluation, evaluating your terrain, location and altitude.

We want to build YOU the perfect Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Shelter. Our first priority is protecting you and your family. Whether your project is large or small, we can design a NBC room or Walk-In Vault for less than you think. We understand everyone has different budgets and diverse needs.

IMPORTANT – Our trucks will come to your residence or business personally to install your NBC room and Walk-In Vault. No local contractors. We install your NBC Room and Blast-Resistant Doors with our qualified NBC workers and consultants so the job gets done right, using our 45 point inspection.

Contact us and we’ll give you a quote, plus we’ll explain what you can expect from your new NBC Room or Walk-In Vault. We will also fly to your home or business to survey your property for a full service site development quote.


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