Bomb Shelter Entranceway Problems

Bomb Shelter Entranceway Problems

Is there going to be a problem if a lot of people enter the bomb shelter while fallout is coming down?

One problem that could develop is that the bomb shelter entrance could be blocked by people who have stopped just inside the entrance. They may have stopped to brush off fallout particles or, if the bomb shelter is a large building, they may not know where to go.

If there is a possibility of problems at the entrances, one or two people should be selected to be receptionists at each entrance. The receptionists should see that people brush off fallout and shake outer garmets if they come to the bomb shelter after fallout begins to come down.

The receptionists should also show people where to put outer garments from which fallout particles can’t be shaken easily, show them where to go in the bomb shelter, sweep or vacuum fallout particles whenever they accumulate, and throw the swept-up particles outside (away from the entrance way).

The receptionists will need to wear dosimeters and must know how to read them. They should leave the entrance area and go back to the safest part of the bomb shelter as soon as their dosimeters read some pre-selected limit, such as 10 R. They may leave sooner if no one has arrived after fallout begins to come down.

The receptionists should set up places to store umbrellas, coats, and other outer garments if there are no convenient places to put these articles near the entrances. They should also have brooms and dustpans available.

It may be helpful to tape up sheets of paper near the entrances which show the way to the safest places in the bomb shelter. If there are no receptionists at the entrances, tape up a sheet of paper near the entrances with information on how to decontaminate oneself.

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