Dosimeter Locations

Dosimeter Locations

Where could dosimeters be mounted or hung? Are needed materials available for mounting or hanging them?

In some bomb shelters where the FPF is high and about the same everywhere, as in deep underground bomb shelters, caves, and mines, only a few dosimeters need to be mounted or hung where people will be located, to get an idea of what total exposures they are getting, if any. Tape, thumbtacks, nails, and string can be used to mount dosimeters.

In bomb shelters where the FPF may change as you move from one location to another, you will need to issue one or two dosimeters to each bomb shelter Unit Leader. The Unit Leader will then be responsible for estimating radiation exposure readings for the members of his or her unit.

At certain times of the day or night, the Unit Leader may want to mount or hang one dosimeter in the vicinity of his or her unit and will then need materials for mounting or hanging it.

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