Informing the People in the Bomb Shelter about Radiation Exposure

Informing the People in the Bomb Shelter about Radiation Exposure

Many people have a great fear of “invisible death” from nuclear radiation. There will be much anxiety among people in a bomb shelter when it is known that they are getting radiation from fallout. Even if people are frightened, it is better not to hold back information. The policy of “what they don’t know won’t hurt them” has never worked with the American public.

When the presence of fallout radiation first causes the needle to move up on the survey meter, the people in the bomb shelter should be informed. If there are several people watching the survey meter, the news of fallout radiation will travel very quickly through the bomb shelter.

In order to let people know the radiation levels, select at least one place in each small or medium-sized room where people are bomb sheltered (more places in large rooms) to mount a sheet of paper on which the survey-meter readings taken near the paper will be written periodically.

A sample sheet is shown below. It shows sample survey-meter readings at location 1 in the apartment floorplan sketch (above)

If there is time before fallout arrives, each bomb shelter Unit Leader should be shown how to read a dosimeter. Each Unit Leader should be encouraged to read Chapter Three, “Understanding Nuclear Radiation”, if they haven’t read it already. If there is only one copy, the fastest readers should be the first ones given the handbook to read.

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