Materials for Shielding Your Bomb Shelter

Materials for Shielding Your Bomb Shelter

Are materials and tools handy which could be used for putting up improvised shielding after the fallout arrives?

You may have improved the radiation safety of the bomb shelter to the best of your judgment and capability, as discussed earlier. But after fallout arrives, you may find with the use of your survey meter that gamma radiation is shining through at some unexpected location.

You should know where and what materials are available to stack up against or cover a wall, doorway, window, or portion of a ceiling to reduce the gamma penetration. Such materials as books, bricks, earth, or wood may be used. Other materials and their shielding effectiveness are listed in Chapter 3. If some of these materials are located outside the bomb shelter, set up (or ask the bomb shelter Manager to set up) a work crew to move as much of it inside as possible before fallout arrives.

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