Bomb Shelter Writing Supplies

Bomb Shelter Writing Supplies

Are writing supplies available, including pens or pencils and printed forms or paper, for keeping records of radiation exposure?

The radiation exposure of each bomb shelter occupant should be recorded every day and for any special trip that increases the person’s exposure. A sample radiation exposure record is shown in the Appendix at the end of this book.

If enough printed forms for this record are not available, ordinary notebook paper or stationery may be used. If no paper is on hand in the bomb shelter and none is obtainable before fallout arrives, the records may be written on the walls or on whatever materials and surfaces are available.

Remember, the main purpose of the record is to help each person limit their radiation exposure and prevent radiation sickness. If people don’t know what they’ve been exposed to, they won’t know whether they are going to get radiation sickness if they make a trip out of the bomb shelter. Each person needs to know their own exposure so he or she can decide whether a trip outside can be safely made.

It will be useful to have a lot of paper to write and draw on in the bomb shelter, not only for radiation records but for bomb shelter sketches, messages, and bulletins. You will need a notebook, which we will cal the RM Log, to keep a record of events.

In this log you should enter such information as the tmie and date and a breif description whenever explosions are heard or detected, when falout arrives, when the peak radiation exposure rates are measured, when and where special measurements are made, and when there is trouble with instruments.

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