What Is Potassium Iodine and How Can It Help In Case Of A Nuclear Attack

Potassium Iodine is a simple thing to keep in your household, bug out bag, or shelter but could end up being one of the most important things for your survival in case of a nuclear attack. One of the greatest threats of a nuclear attack is the radiation that occurs. Radiation can travel the span of the globe if it gets into the earth’s jet stream, and it will contaminate anything and everything it lands on. Including water sources, food and people. Potassium Iodine can help block radiation from being absorbed into the thyroid making it an essential piece of preparation.

IOSAT – Pack of 3 by Iosat

How Potassium Iodine Helps

The human Thyroid is the most susceptible to radiation poisoning and will be the first thing to absorb harmful radiation. Potassium Iodine Pills will block radiation from being absorbed into the thyroid acting as a forcefield of sorts. Potassium Iodine cannot reverse the effects of radiation poisoning but can prevent radiation from being absorbed into the thyroid so it is critical to keep these pills on hand so you can take them at the first instance of a nuclear attack

IOSAT – Pack of 3 by Iosat

Potassium Iodine pills work like this. Your thyroid really can not tell the difference between harmful radioactive iodine and stable iodine, so it will absorb anything it can until it is full. By feeding the thyroid with stable Potassium Iodine pills you can essentially fulfil the appetite of the Thyroid so it will cease to absorb any harmful, radioactive iodine.

Who is Most At Risk?

As with most diseases and viruses, young children and the elderly are most at risk if they absorb harmful iodine but unfortunately in an event of a nuclear attack everyone is at risk and should have potassium iodine pills on hand to take as soon as possible. Luckily, these are extremely easy to ingest as they come in pill form and is as easy as taking an asprin. There are some side effects that can cause negative effects to the thyroid so you should always take the recommended dose, as well as use caution and talk to your doctor/health official if you have a pre-existing thyroid condition.
Where can you get Potassium Iodine Pills?

My go to source for these pills can be found here. I recommend everyone picks up a stash of these as it is the easiest, and most effective ways to protect yourself and loved ones from harmful radiation in case of a nuclear attack.