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Bomb Shelter Products | Underground Bomb Shelter

Bomb Shelter Products

Underground Bunkers and Bomb Shelters

Individually designed to our client’s protection program and long term survivability requirements. Although the designs and systems are principally determined for nuclear weapons, it can be stated that a well built nuclear bunker also offers good protection against CBRE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive) weapons and natural disasters. An Underground Bunker can be designed and constructed in most locations be it rural, suburban or inner-city… more

Storm Shelters

Basic Storm Shelters consist of these standard features: Metal shelter with heavy duty channel iron bracing, and prepackaged magnesium anodes. Each shelter receives the required number of these anodes for cathodic protection against corrosion. These anodes add many years to the already long life expectancy of our shelters. Double exterior coatings for flawless moisture protection. Interior is primed, painted and carpeted. Turbine vent keeps fresh air circulating through the shelter. Each vent has insect screens…. more

Portable Shelters

The LSS-80 is a complete Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protection System designed for use at home or at the office. The LSS-80 provides a safe protected space for a maximum of 6 persons for an extended period of time. The LSS-80 Protection System comprises a Protective Tent with overhead rope supports and a Filter- Blower Unit provided with an effective Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Filter… more

Armored Doors and NBC

We specialize in building NBC Doors, Blast-Resistant Doors, Safe Room Doors, Shelter Doors, Blast Doors, Nuke Doors, Underground Doors & Survival Shelter Doors. Our NBC Armory Vault Doors secure Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Safe Rooms around the world. Our 12″ thick NBC Armory Doors are manufactured with triple-tiered steel construction, steel matrix framework, twin spring-loaded relockers and twin airtight Jig-Saw Step system doors.. more

Bullet Resistant and Burglary Resistant Wall and Glass Material

Burglary-Resistant Glass typically breaks safely and remains an integral part of the opening. The polymer interlayer minimizes shards and glass fragments, reducing the risk of personal injury or property damage. The external envelope of the building remains intact, and therefore boarding up may not be necessary… more

Blast and Ballistic VIP Houses

Feel secure knowing that these products are protecting you and your valuables. Homes that are blast & ballistic resistant even ampinst AK-47’s… more

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