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Aquaponics – DIY Food Production | Underground Bomb Shelter

Aquaponics – DIY Food Production

Your Garden is not Safe! Look to Aquaponics for a Post Collapse Food Source

You need only look to Venezuela to see the bleak realities of a collapsed nation. Their situation was brought  on by extreme socialism and price manipulation. If you aren’t aware, it has gotten so bad that they were forced to eat the zoo animals. Yes. Starvation and desperation are running rampant in the 21st century.

For those of you who don’t believe this could happen right here in America, you need only look to Detroit or places like California and Connecticut are even facing a crisis in the realm of finance. It’s not a comfortable situation but its real. We will watch larger cities fall under the weight of debt before the larger collapse begins.

Aside from economic collapse we also face innumerable threats from other military powers like Russia who we are currently provoking, China who we are pressing financially and North Korea who has long been a problem. There was also word last week that Iran is walking back their promise to not build nuclear weapons.

Then, of course, there is the natural world that surrounds us. With things like antibacterial resistance and the extinction level event of a Yellowstone Explosion, it’s easy to get paralyzed by it all. (Yes Yellowstone is a massive caldera volcano that will snuff out most life in North America when it erupts.)

How will you survive and how will you feed your family when the world around you have fallen into chaos? How will you outlast the starving and desperate?


A Garden in the Collapse

Science has it well spelled out for us. Whole foods are good and processed sugars will make your life a horror in the end. Therefore, millions of Americans are rushing to the store for seeds, plants and compost.

People are growing more food now than ever before. It’s the healthy thing to do. You might be depending on your garden to provide for you, as well. In our civil world, I would say you are making one of the best decisions available to you.

Of course, when civility falters, your garden becomes little more than a target for those around you. In a collapse, your garden will become a serious asset that others will want and might even kill for. This gives you a couple of options.

  1. Protect that garden day and night
  2. Let the desperate tear it down and leave your family hungry

Neither option is a great one. One will cost you precious time and the other will cost you a precious resource. Of course, there are other answers to food in a collapse that will help you withstand the loss of your garden.

Diversify Food Sources and Storage

One step to take is to diversify your food storage possibilities. What can you do with food storage that will keep your family fed even if your garden is ransacked and it will be? Bright red tomatoes might as well be bullseyes to a hungry person. They will wait till the dead of night and creep in to steal them all.

A focus on dry food storage is a wonderful way to combat these desperate hordes who have not prepared for such a disaster. Eating canned and freeze-dried foods can nurture you, to some extent, and keep you alive.

Still, fresh foods and proteins should be your long-term solution. Food storage will certainly run out at some point. What happens then?

Well, if you are in a somewhat urban or suburban area you could attempt to head out into the collapsed environment to find more. This is a very risky situation that will likely yield little resources. Most major grocers and corner stores will have long been looted. Instead of taking this risk there is an option that will do more for you.

You can investigate growing a hidden survival garden. These gardens look like brush and are not as much a target as the standard bedded garden. This is not a bulletproof system but its better than relying on a standard garden for all your fresh food.

Beyond the survival garden, you can also set up a powerful and war-tested method of growing fresh food. Aquaponics is a powerful method that produces fresh plants and fish! Best of all it can be done indoors.

The Power in Aquaponics

After all that we have covered thus far, imagine being able to grow fresh food and fresh fish in your home! Yes, inside your home. I have seen fully functional aquaponics systems that were growing vegetables and fish right in a residential basement. If your Aquaponics system is inside your home, you have a serious advantage when it comes to security.

There is no better system for aquaponics than Backyard Liberty. This comprehensive breakdown of survival and self-reliance offers you the blueprint for creating your personal aquaponics system. Backyard Liberty also offers bonus products.

  • How to Make a Water Biofilter
  • Surviving an Economic Collapse
  • Items you Need to Hoard Before a Collapse

You will get all this information and most importantly the information to create your own powerful aquaponics system. Follow the link above to get a look at what is possible with this full package. If you find no other benefit than the simple and easy to follow instructions on creating a fully functional aquaponics system, you will still be tapping into a level of self-sufficiency that is priceless.

Couple this process with some egg-producing hens and you could find yourself in a comfortable suburban or rural homestead that changes the way you look at food sourcing for your family.

As Americans, we can exist without the supermarket.

The Collapse Will Come

Mark my words and understand I am not here to scare you, a collapse will come. There is no such thing as limitless growth and limitless debt. As a country or as a species we will reach our limits. What happens when nations start warring over resources like clean water? These things are coming.

The oceans have been fished into paralysis and when we finally reach the bottom of the planets oil barrel nations will be doing battle to assure they are the ones with the oil. These wars will affect our way of life.

It is up to you to prepare your family to weather that storm. The harsh reality is that there will be no one to blame but yourself. There will likely be no aid coming to help you. What you do today will dictate how your family survives in the coming collapse.

While the gap between your current situation and reaching a solid level of preparedness may seem massive, you must start somewhere. These are the biggest impediments in a person’s path towards personal preparedness and self-sufficiency.

  • Money
  • Spousal and Family Support
  • Commitment
  • Time

In my opinion three of the four impediments can be negated. You must build preparedness into your lifestyle. You must give up things in the short term to assure you are prepared for disaster in the long term. If you can realign your goals you will find that money, commitment and time are all freed up.

Don’t leave your families survival to chance. The information is inside the backyard liberty aquaponics system. All you must do is take the first steps. No more putting it off.