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The Base Layer | Underground Bomb Shelter

The Base Layer

Bug Out Clothing…

There is a lot of information and time spent on B.O.B.’s and what goes in them.  We are going to focus on Bug Out Clothing for this post.  In most cases your B.O.B should be ready to grab and go.  Now depending on the situation at hand you should have your clothing ready to go as well.  Being properly set up as best you can will only increase your chances for success.  When the SHTF moment comes a person could be at work, they could be gardening, or even sleeping.  Most cases will require a change of clothes and if everything is set to go most people can be changed and out in under 5 to 10 minutes assuming they were prepared.

Base Layer

What is the base layer?  The base layer is the layer of clothing that is designed to pull moisture away from the body.  This is known as “wicking” which also aids in keeping a person warm and dry.  The base layer needs to fit securely against the skin for best performance.  The best fabrics for base layers are as follows:

  • Synthetic base layers – Comfortable on the skin, Lightest materials, Elastic
  • Merino Wool – Soft, Elastic, Breathable, Warm and Cool, Static Resistant
  • Bamboo – Feels great against the skin, Snug fit, Good Odor protection,
  • Cotton – Poor wicking, Saturates quickly, Slow to dry, Minimize water loss

Different weights of Base Layers

Lightweight Base Layers as mentioned before are suppose to be snug on the skin.  Common uses for this weight are Hunting, Nordic Skiing, Hiking etc.

Middleweight Base Layers can also be the first base layer or can go over the initial lightweight base layer offering a another level of insulation.  The middleweight base layers also provide the moisture wicking.

Heavyweight Base Layers are designed for truly cold conditions.  This layer is not normally the first layer but a 2nd or 3rd layer offering further insulation for the much colder conditions.


One must never forget for the care of their feet.  Socks are a key component to the base layer and should never be overlooked.  A good pair of socks can provide good temperature control, they can aid in blister prevention, reduce shock, and help with good circulation.  Like with our base layers we want our socks to offer moisture wicking.  Merino Wool is the best material for socks in most any situation whether it be for a hike or Bugging Out.