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Unlawful Detainment… You need this piece of equipment. | Underground Bomb Shelter

Unlawful Detainment… You need this piece of equipment.


Today we are looking at your safety and ways to escape from unlawful detainment. Remember that when the SHTF moment comes, you could be at home, out shopping or at work. This is why we recommend that you risk assess whether you should always carry some key pieces of a kit on you to increase your responsiveness and likelihood of success.

These days, weapons and gear used by law enforcement and militaries are widely available to the general public. Therefore, it is possible you may be faced with the unlawful use of equipment to immobilize or detain you, such as the use of handcuffs. Every minute counts towards keeping yourself as far away from unsafe situations as possible, so being on the front foot and able to take the initiative in unlawful detainment situations is going to give you the best chance of survival, rather than waiting for an opportunity to escape during transportation and a period of detainment.

The TIHK Handcuff Key is one item we highly recommend you consider both for your Bug Out Bag, and to carry on you at all times.

“TIHK” stands for “Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key”, and at less than an inch long, two centimeters wide and with its black coating and clever in-built clip design, it certainly lives up to its name. It can be clipped to a belt buckle, sock, belt loop, cuff or any other piece of clothing, or simply dropped into a pocket, with limited likelihood of detection. It is able to unlock most handcuff locking mechanisms with ease, and could allow you to escape unnoticed or utilize the element of surprise to overcome your attacker.

We stress that this key should only be used in unlawful detainment scenarios, and not in cases of detainment by law enforcement or those otherwise permitted by law, even if you believe you have been arrested or detained in error; escaping lawful arrest or detention without resolving the matter through the ordinary process is likely to cause you greater headaches including the commission of offenses (unless, of course, your lawful detainment comes at a seriously bad SHTF moment, in which case, both you and law enforcement may have greater issues to worry about – and which means you are having a seriously bad day).

Instead, we are talking about civil unrest, finding yourself in a situation WROL or other hostile scenarios, when there is no question that you need to get out of the situation you’re in – and fast.

We suggest that the best way to store your TIHK Handcuff Key in your BOB is by clipping it to your Bug Out Clothing, to increase your level of preparedness. Given its mobility and generous price-point, it’s possible you will want to have a few of these keys stored in easily-accessible locations both within the home and as part of your bug out kit.

Team UBS